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Here in Just Push Start, we take reviewing games very seriously. We rate games from the scale of 0 being the lowest to 10 being the highest. Each score has its own definitions and meaning. Have a look on Just Push Start’s Scoring Definition to have a better understanding on our scores:


Scoring a 10 out of 10 means that the game is perfect, or at least as close to being perfect as a game can get. There might be a few small problems, but these are far outweighed by the good. It will receive an Editor’s Choice Award and we at JustPushStart will hold a high regard for the publisher and developer of the game. Perfect games are rare, but games that are awarded this score shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

9 – 9.9 VERY GOOD

When a game scores in the 9 range, it means that it’s fantastic, though some elements are holding it back. While these titles could be better, they’re still worthy of the Editors Choice Award. Games in this range are recommended to all gamers, though you might want to check out the NOT section.

8 – 8.9 GOOD

Games that score in the 8 range will appeal to fans of the genre, but others might dislike them. Games in this range are enjoyable and should appeal to a vast variety of gamers. A title still might receive a Editors Choice Award, though this will only happen if the title truly deserves it.

7 – 7.9 DECENT

A 7 range score means the title is decent. While it might do some things right, other things could have been done much better. We advise looking closely at our HOTs and NOTs before considering a purchase.

6 – 6.9 AVERAGE

Games in the 6 range are about average. There might be some nice things about them, but the short comings greatly hurt the title. These games can still be worth playing, though they aren’t exactly memorable.

5 – 5.9 FAIR

Titles in the 5 ranges are just okay. They can be fantastic in some regards, but fail in other regards. We strongly suggest looking at the HOTs and NOTs, to see if you think it’s worth your money.

4 – 4.9 BAD

Anything in the 4 range is pretty bad. Usually many elements have to work together, to make the game fail. These games might be enjoyed by a select minority, but the average gamer will not have fun.

2 – 3.9 – POOR

Very rarely does anything hit the 2 or 3 range. A small group might enjoy these titles, but we were hard pressed to find any redeeming features.

0 – 1.9 STAY AWAY

Games in the 0 through 1 range, are a complete waste of time. These titles should be forgotten and tossed in a ditch never to see the light of day again. We very rarely rate a game this low, but when we do, we believe the title can’t be enjoyed by anyone.

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