God of War III Walkthrough: Chapter 4- Hercules


With Hermes Boots, you now have the ability to sprint to your enemies and damage them along the way. Test it out and defeat the sentries.

Look to your left and you should see footprints. With Hermes Boots, you can run through it. In front of the footprints, press L2 and X. Use the Save point before proceeding.

Keep finding those footprints and use Hermes’ boots to go to the next area.

Get ready to fight some Sentries when you get to the top. There will be chests here that you can open and get your health, and magic meter refilled.

Here lies another Phoenix Feather. Use Helios’ Head to reveal the secret treasure to your left.

Find the footprints to the left side of the pillar and go up. Keep on going up.

Glide through the chest you see on your right. Before proceeding, you will find mindless souls that you can leech health by grabbing them. What lies ahead is a mini-boss. Get the chest to get your Rage of the Gods and Magic Meter refilled.

The first wave of these mini-boss fight are sentries and a Cyclops with ball spikes. After taking out the Sentries, the Cyclops comes out. This mini-boss is slow but what you need to watch out for is his Spike Ball. Roll around and try to attack its back.

The second wave will involve more sentries and this time, two Cyclops with Spike Balls. Start off by taking out the Sentries first or using them to ram the Cyclops. With two Cyclops on site, be careful not to get cornered. Keep rolling and attacking.

After the fight, go to your left and open the two chests here. One contains a Minotaur’s Horn.

Open the main gate and enter the Flames of Olympus room once again.

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