God of War III Walkthrough: Chapter 1- Hades



You will find yourself in the River of Styx, a river going through the Realm Hades. Swim along the current and as you swim, you will lose all of your powers, health, and magic. Now, you’re back to level one. Find a platform to go to and you will meet Athena. Get your Blades of Exile.

Now that you have your Blades of Exile, grapple to the next platform. See those red chests at the bottom of the pillar? Drop down and open the two red chests. Go around the pillar and get a piece of your Gorgon Eye. Now get back up the pillar and fight more sentries.

Once they’ve been defeated go through the wooden bridge and save. Continue to move forward and you will be in the gate of Hades’ Mansion. You will get a new power-up called, “Army of Sparta”. With Blades of Exiles equipped, you can summon the Army of Sparta by pressing R2. This magic will allow you to attack any enemies surrounding you.

Once the enemies are defeated with your Army of Sparta, Go hang on the ledge to your right. There will be a sentry here trying to stop you. Press circle on them to kick them out or just use normal attacks. Continue your way through, but don’t forget to open the Green, Blue and Red chests along the way.

Before proceeding through the two- door, you’re about to face Gorgon Head. This is like Medussa but a more powerful one. Once you’re ready head inside.

You will now be trapped in a room with Gorgon Heads and a bunch of dead soldiers. Concentrate your attacks on the Gorgon Head. Once QTE is done, everyone in that room will be petrified. Now take this opportunity to kill them. Kill two waves of enemies and then proceed to the next area.

Drop down to the broken bridge in front of you and open the two red chests. On a two-way path, you will see the one in front of you is covered with red vines. Since you don’t have a weapon that will burn it down, head to your left and we’ll do some easy puzzles.

You will meet a guy here that was imprisoned for a long time by Hades. He wants you to get him out and in exchange he’ll give you a weapon. Well start off by going on top of him and aboard the chandelier. You will open a door to your left and you will see that there’s a lever at the very far end of the room, but there’s no way to get up that high!

With the door you just opened, head to the Chandelier and quickly glide through that door. You will find a flammable torch stand. Drag it down and let the Cerberus fire it up. Now, you can go to that lever and switch it to the other side. Drop down the Chandelier again and as soon as the gate opens that holds the lever, go fly through the fire and smoke you just created.

With the lever switched, you will now face the Cerberus who helped you lit the torch up. Kill it! After the QTE sequence, you will be able to ride on top of him. You can now blow fire. Now remember the guy that wants you to help him? Use that fire on him.

On your way to the guy that was imprisoned you will face more Sentries and archers. Just fire them up.

It’s very sad that by blowing fire on the contraption that holds the man seeking for your help will be burned. Get the Bow of Apollo.

Kill the enemies that appear. Go to the far end side of the area and you see that red vine on the door on top? Fire it up with the Bow of Apollo. While aiming, press Square to fire the arrow up. Use the torch stand from earlier to get to that platform. There, you will see a red chest and a Phoenix Feather.

Go back to the area where you see a path that’s been blocked by red vines. Use the Bow of Apollo and proceed. Save and continue your way through the area. Get the chest along the way.

Now you will see another small path that contains a treasure chest but it’s covered in red vines. Fire it up with the Bow of Apollo.  Open the chest and you will get the Minotaur’s Horn. Collecting three Minotaur’s Horn will upgrade the Item Meter.

Before proceeding to your left, get open the two chests.

In this next area, you will face Harpies that will drop bombs on you. To easily kill these harpies, grab onto them. Press L1 and Circle. Once killed, head to the next area and do some climbing around.

When you are reaching the top, glance over to your left. Grab to that ledge and you will find a chest containing your second Gorgon Eye. Now go back and proceed to the next area.

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