Dead Island: Definitive Collection Review

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Good: Fun Co-Op, Lots of Weapons to Choose From, Improved Visuals, Better Lighting
Bad: Story is Bland and Generic, Missions Can Be Dull
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With developers remastering their blockbuster games from last generation, Techland is among them to jump on the bandwagon and re-release two of their best games; Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. For anyone who missed out on two of the best games last generation, there’s now a chance to do so as both Dead Island games received the remastered treatment, making it the definitive collection any survival horror-genre fan must get.

Both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide are survival-horror games where a player must survive in an island using anything they can find to fend off zombies. It is a first-person action game with a mix of RPG elements as players will be spending time upgrading their equipment and gaining levels along the way. For those who have recently played Dying Light but not any of the two Dead Island games, the game is somewhat similar since Dying Light itself is a spiritual successor of the Dead Island series.

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Anyone who has played Dead Island or Dead Island Riptide before, no new content has been added in both games. Players will get the same exact content except for a power-up called Power Fists that first appeared on PC as an unofficial mode that allow players to punch their way through the horde of zombies. Luckily, the same fun gameplay that we all loved before remain intact within the game and anyone who played it before will be a judge of it.

For newcomers, the story of both games doesn’t shine as it’s somewhat predictable and generic. Dead Island puts you in a fictional island of Banoi located in Papua New Guinea where zombies have overtaken the island. You must uncover the mystery behind the outbreak and find your way out of the island. There are about four characters that you get to choose from and unfortunately, these characters are not interesting enough as they have bland backgrounds, although each has specialize on a certain type of combat which varies the gameplay. As for Dead Island Riptide, the game has the same premise when it comes to story and characters that are dull, though they once again shine when a player uses them in combat.

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Dead Island: Definitive Collection Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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