There Are Many Fun Casino Apps Available To Play On The iOS App Store


Going to a casino in real life can be tough because you are not guaranteed to win lots of money. Not to mention it can be risky too because you can lose a lot of your own real money. Thankfully with the rise of smartphone gaming, you can now experience casino games without the risk of losing your own income. The app store for Apple users has tons of casino apps.

One of the most popular free casino apps for iOS users in the USA is game called “myVegas Slots”. This game allows you to play real Las Vegas casino games on your own iOS device. You don’t need to travel all the way to Las Vegas to actually experience the glitz and glamour of casino gaming. The game is free to play and is available now.

For the Arabic community, dedicated site covering the online casino industry online-casino-arabic runs regular review for mobile casinio, roullette, poker and baccarat. Online roullette – روليت اون لاين as it’s written in Arabic – is a rising star in the gaming ecosystem, given the Live-Dealer games that are out there. When it comes to mobile gambling, much like many smartphone games, in-app purchases area available.

Be careful on what you are paying for because you don’t want to spend too much money on earning more chips and what not. However as aforementioned, playing casino games on your phone is fun and less risky than experiencing it in a real life. Bear in mind most of these games are aimed for players over the age of 16 so don’t get your kids hooked into gambling at a young age. Even though you are not using real money, it may get them addicted in the future.

Another popular game among iOS users in America is the official “World Series of Poker” app. In this poker game, you get a chance to play against real life players in several different iterations of poker. However, the most popular version of Poker is of course Texas Hold’em. You can participate in tournaments and the game has a large player base so you won’t have trouble finding people to play with. Much like myVegas Slots, this game is also a free app so there’s not risk involved.

The highest grossing casino app for iOS users if “Big Fish Casino”. This game has everything you want in a casino game. It includes all of casino games mentioned above. It has slot machines, Texas Hold’em, Roulette and tons more. It is arguably the best casino as available since every casino game is included. There are also millions of people playing the game already so the player community is high as well.

If you want to play more casino games, you can visit App Annie by clicking here. It has information on all of the popular casino apps that iOS users are downloading now.

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